10 tips to a successful website design!

October 13, 2016

10 tips to a successful website design!

Within the first 10 seconds of a visitor coming to your website they make the decision to stay or go! What will make your website stand out? Besides a great design 😉 Wink Wink!


#1 know your target market

Know your target market – where are they located? What are their interests, what is there style? Where do they shop? The more you know about them the better, how do you this? Network! Get to know your clients/customers and target aspects of your website to suit them.

#2 Pitch

Once you know your target market pitch your website to suit! Welcome text: Make sure your welcome text is prominent and covers just enough to draw the visitor in, try not to make this section to long!

#3 Calls to Action

Make sure your visitor can find what they need right away, ever been to a website and cannot find the shopping cart? If it takes be move then 5 seconds to find the shopping cart I am outta here!

#4 Be relatable

An about page is a good way for you to relate your personality to the visitor include something here about yourself, company, why you started the journey and where to contact you.

#5 Navigation

Clear navigation is the key to stop visitors from hitting that close button! Everything must be easy to find, shop, contact, terms, FAQs, postage prices… all key areas your visitor will want to find easily!

#6 Design

Your design must be simple, clean and crisp, not to busy, avoid clutter and lots of images. Keep the colour scheme light and inviting.

#7 Contact

Contact MUST be clearly visible and easy to use, have a contact form but also a phone number or email address.

#8 Load Time

Load time is a BIG factor in your websites success, people are busy and they want to find what they need RIGHT NOW, if your site is loading too slowly it is likely your visitor will leave.

#9 Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendliness is an absolute must, google frowns upon non mobile friendly websites. Every one is on their smart phones these days do not lose out on that target market!

#10 The right website design company

The right website design company will guide you in the right direction, offer advice and create a design that functions well and you are 100% happy with. A good company will also offer support and be able to answer all your questions, if this is missing with your current designer feel free to contact us!


Have any other tips to add? Feel free to comment!!

We wish you all the best on your online journey!!


Carly Rawiri – Owner




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