How To Sort Woocommerce Products

June 17, 2021

How To Sort Woocommerce Products

Manually sorting and organizing your Woocommerce products can be tedious work. But, worry no more! I have the perfect solution for that, and you do not have to pay for anything! It’s built-in and ready to use anytime!

Read and carefully follow the drag-down steps below to sort your Woocommerce products successfully. Let’s get started!

1. Go to WordPress “Menu,” and click “Products.”
Your Woocommerce products will appear after clicking the products tab.

sort woocommerce products

2. Look for the “Select Category” option, then click and choose the product category you want to sort.
Note: If you are not categorizing your products, or you want to sort every item you have, go ahead and click “Sort Products” and drag the products according to your liking. (See step 4 for a detailed explanation)

3. Now that you are done with the category, we will now proceed with the filter. You will see all of the products chosen in the category when you click “filter.”

4. Choose “Sort Products,” and after clicking, you have to put your cursor in the product row area where there are no texts- like a blank space. For instance, on the left side corner of your screen, beside the checkbox. Your cursor will suddenly change to a crosshair figure.

5. You can change the product order by simply dragging it up or down.

6. Once you are satisfied with the order, proceed to view the category and double-check if you have done it correctly.

Manually Sorting WooCommerce Products using Quick Editing Product.

If you did not get the hang of the drag-down steps, here is another helpful method for sorting your WooCommerce Products:

1. Go to WordPress “Menu”, and click “Products.”
The screen will now display you WooCommerce Products.

2. Find the “Select Category” option and choose the category of the products you wish to edit/sort.
Note: If you do not have categorized products or wish to sort all of them, go straight to “Quick Edit,” By putting an order number in the Order field, it will be sorted after you click it.

3. Now, click the “Filter” option, and it will display all of the products in the chosen category.

4. Click “Quick Edit” and wait for the quick edit screen to appear.

5. In the Order field, type in your desired order number, then hit “Update.”

6. Repeat Step 5 in every category you want to sort.

7. Once done, check and take a closer look at the product category to make sure you did not miss anything!

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