Website Design Payment Plans

Struggling with the usual lump sum payments for website design? We’re committed in bringing your design ideas to reality and we’d love to help you get your website up and going.

As fellow business owners ourselves, we keep our prices fair as we respect the investment every business owner has to make. Still, we do understand that investing a lump sum payment all at once can hinder you from taking the plunge to get your website done.

You don’t have to worry any longer. We’ve decided to absorb that difficulty and help you make the decision!

We now offer payment plans so you can kickstart the website design process. All without the pinch of having to pay a lump sum amount.

It’s simple. All you have to do is pay a small sum as a deposit before we start. Then, we’ll divide the balance amount evenly over 6 or 12 monthly repayments. For these monthly payments, you commit to transferring them to us via direct deposit. This way, you’ll be able to get your website and business up and running, generating income for you while you’re paying the balance amount.

That’s it.

No credit checks, no other finance checks needed. It’s our pleasure to offer this goodwill payment plan to our treasured customers.

The only thing to note is that repayments do start immediately and as mentioned, have to be transferred via direct deposit. Please do note that if payments are late by 30 days, the rest of the outstanding amount will be due instantaneously.

You can view all our website design packages here.

How our website design payment plan works

  1. We require a 20% deposit upfront
  2. You agree to transfer the remaining balance monthly via direct debit.
  3. Once we finish the website development and your website goes live, we’ll give you restricted access.
  4. Once the payments are fully paid, we’ll be more than happy to grant you complete access.

Website payment plans

Details to Note:


We do charge a fee of 7.5% for our website payment plan.

Until full payment is made:

  • Hatched Designs has complete ownership of the website.
  • The customer will have restricted access to the completed website.
  • If the customer needs any other updates apart from the agreed scope, it will have to be done by Hatched Designs and we will bill for it.
  • If the website payment plan fails to be adhered to and the customer is late with repayments for 30 days, we will take the website offline until the debt is fully paid.

Early Payout

Your situation might change. If you decide that you’d like to end the website payment plan early, there will be no early payout fees. All you have to do is let us know before the next installment rolls over. We’ll simply adjust the payment and let you know the final payout figure.

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